The Big Picture

The only journey is the one within. Mandorla explores a man's search for a meaningful life despite conflicts between his inner and outer worlds.  Ernesto is a visual artist and seeker stuck in a corporate job, who is drawn by dark magical visions to a medieval French city. There he seeks an elusive banker to help him unlock an obscure dream that threatens his job, family, and sanity.  





First France then Switzerland!

Our screenings in France are going super well, we had fantastic receptions by audiences in Lyon and Sain-Bel, and we look forward to upcoming ones in Belleville and then in Pornic, Civray, and Paris. All details can/will be seen on Allocine.

We are also very much looking forward to our special Swiss Première in Zurich at the famous Riffraff Kino on Oct 2 at 18h30 (6:30PM). Tickets have just started to go on sale here at Eventbrite. Please forward this to anyone in Zurich who may want to see the film!




Mandorla's national release in france begins !

Very, very pleased to announce that Mandorla begins its Sortie Nationale in Lyon at the Cinema Opera on 8 Sept. at 19:30h (7:30PM)! I will be there along with Liz (Producer, Art Director+) to present the film and answer questions afterward. We hope to see you at one of the theaters!

After settling in for a week of screenings week in Lyon (see Facebook album), we will then tour with Mandorla to cinemas in Sain-Bel, Belleville, Pornic, Jard sur Mer, Bressieux, and at last Paris. Information for all screenings (called, séances, interestingly enough) in France can be viewed here on once they come on-line.


Meanwhile, a giant poster is up at the Opera Cinema and our fabulous French distributor, Jonathan Musset at Wayna Pitch, has lined up interviews for us. The first one went well with Le Progrès, except that maybe we should have spelled the name of the film. Hopefully that will be fixed by the time you read this. ;-)

A very pleasant surprize came with a mention of Mandorla at the end of France 3 TV's Le Pitch Cinema. We think they save the best for last. Le Pitch confirmed this by giving us a little love on Facebook.

Next month on October 2 we will be screening Mandorla in Zurich, Switzerland at the Riffraff Cinema (love the name and cinema too). More details about tickets for that screening shortly!

What is most important to us, of course, is that Mandorla's story reaches and affects audiences.

En Avant !




October 19 could be Tulsa Time!

At least it will be Tulsa Time for Mandorla we sell enough tickets in advance to lock-in our screening at the fabulous Circle Cinema.

So if you're in Tulsa, or elsewhere in the great state of Oklahoma, and want to see Mandorla on the screen there, it's time, my friends, to make it happen!


Great screening in Googleville!

Thanks to our host Craig Lawson, we had a great screening at Google yesterday with a very thoughtful and engaging audience there... We discussed everything from the film from Alan Watts to Persian poets (going beyond our references to Rumi).

Most touching for me was one quiet person who watched the film, sat through the Q&A, and then,  at the end when most people had left the theater, raised his hand and said, "Your film touched me. Personally. Very much."  

I don't know his name, and I will probably never see him again. However, I will never forget this moment, and others like them. At every screening about one-third of the audience will wonder what this film was about. Another third will feel there is something there beneath the surface and want to see it again. And there is somebody who wholly feels it, as if it was made for them, that it was about their life. That, for me personally, this is why Mandorla demanded to be made, and now wants to be seen.


Mandorla private screening at Google, Aug. 18 !

Our hometown of Mountain View is the center of the Google universe. We are honored and excited to accept an invitation to screen Mandorla on their campus.

If you are a Google employee and wish to attend this private screening, please contact for more details.